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Customers are often curious about our equipment.  As you can see we have a extensive list of machinery which lends us a tremendous amount of capacity as well as capability! 

We have 7 horizontal machining centers:

* 2 Okuma Howa 630H

* Okuma MA630

* 3 Toyoda FA450

* Deawoo 450H

We have 5 vertical machining centers:

* 2 Haas VF7 & VF4 

* 2 Okuma Cadet

* Mazak VTC20B

We have 7 CNC Lathes:

* Okuma Captain L470M (With live tooling)

* Okuma Captain L470

* Mazak Super Quickturn 15MSY (With live tooling and sub spindle)

* Mazak Quickturn 20HP

* Mazak Super Quickturn 18MS

* 2 Mazak Quickturn 8N

We have 3 CNC Band Saws:

* Kasto Twin L4

* Kasto Twin 4

* Kasto Multi Angle

We have 1CNC Plasma Table:

* Haco 3015 HD 130A

We have 1 10/100 CNC Metal Brake:

We have 1 Bystronic 3015 3500 watt Laser W/Load station:

We have Tig, Mig, and Spray Transfer; Aluminum, Stainless, and Steel Welding Capabilities: